Is HTTPS Worth Having?

Is HTTPS Worth Having?

Is HTTPS Worth Having?

It’s no secret that website security is more important now than ever before. With the number of cyber security attacks and hacking attempts on the rise, it is vital to make sure your business’ website is safeguarded against potential threats. As a small, online-based business ourselves, we know the importance of keeping your customers’ personal information secure and ensuring your website is always available and online. Customers also want to know that your business takes protecting their information seriously; if you don’t ensure this, it can have a negative impact on your business. One of the key ways to make sure that your website is secure is to make the switch to HTTPS (if you haven’t already).

We all know that website security is important, but what if we told you that HTTPS also directly impacts your small business in many other ways too?

So, what is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Simply put, HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. HTTPS is encrypted to increase security while seamlessly maintaining your data transferring process. This is especially important when sensitive information is being transmitted, such as banking information or other confidential data. In addition to website security, there are number of other reasons that HTTPS is important for your business’ website.

Here are three reasons why the switch to HTTPS is worth doing for your business, in addition to the obvious benefit of increased security: 

1. SEO

HTTPS is an important component of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as it is one of the major ranking factors considered by search engines. For example, Google recently implemented a change that marks every website without HTTPS as insecure and will receive a SEO penalty, which makes it harder for new customers to find your website. In addition to this, Google marks your website as “not secure” in the browser, which is an immediate red flag for both potential customers and hackers alike. This can negatively impact your ratings and the overall credibility of your business if you fail to update your website to HTTPS.

If you’re not familiar with the importance of SEO, check out our blog SEO 101 and also look into a Vancouver SEO company, like Trilogy Solutions, for help increasing your SEO rank.

2. Website Functionality

Another key reason that HTTPS is important, is that most websites are starting to make the switch to the more secure option. If your website is not updated to HTTPS and is interacting with another website that is more secure, there can be embedded code or tools that will not work when navigating between the two. Ensuring that your website is running smoothly is important for customer experience and satisfaction, and can be optimized by a Vancouver web design company, like us.

3. Business Credibility

Lastly, if you are not using the most secure type of website, this can affect your company’s credibility and brand reputation. If your customers are accessing your website through Google Chrome or another similar browser and they constantly see the “Not Secure” message, this does not instill confidence in your website or your company as a whole. Consumers will be much more likely to move on to a more secure website, or may question the value your business places on quality and security. This has a direct impact on your company, as people will be more likely to use your competitor’s website and service instead if it appears more credible and safer.

The reputation of your company as a small business is crucial to maintain. Securing your website data is equally as important because the reality is, if your customers experience issues with your website it can cost you your reputation. Your business’ credibility, website functionality, and SEO have such a huge impact on your company, so making the switch to HTTPS should be your next step in building your brand and ensuring that your site remains secure and intact at all times.

If website security and website design are not your strong suit, this is a great task to delegate to a professional. Reach out to a company that specializes in website hosting Vancouver, like Trilogy Solutions, to make sure your website is created in a way that is functional and secure.