The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Website Maintenance

In this day and age, having a website for your business is a necessity and can have a massive impact on the overall success of your business. But creating a website and having it up and running isn’t just a one-time thing. Regularly updating and maintaining your website is vital in keeping your site running smoothly and at full capacity. Just like you would take your car for regular maintenance appointments, your website requires regular maintenance to operate properly and efficiently.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of frequently checking your website to keep it up-to-date and running as smoothly as possible. Maintenance should be scheduled and done on a regular basis to ensure there are no issues or errors affecting the usability and function of your site. This can include tasks such as ensuring all links are working, updating content, fixing broken links, backing up your site and monitoring your site’s performance.

Why do I need website maintenance?

1) It boosts site traffic

Keeping your site up-to-date and relevant increases the chances your site will rank higher on Google’s rankings. A higher ranking increases your site’s visibility, which then increases the likelihood your target audience will see your page. Plus, Google tends to raise rankings for websites that are updated regularly. Keeping your site error free will also help to boost site traffic as it will help keep people on your page.

2) It improves security and protection

Website maintenance is essential for the safety and security of your site. You want to ensure your site is up to date with the latest software patches and security updates. This will prevent hackers from accessing your site and stealing your data. On the off chance you do get hacked, keeping your site up to date with regular maintenance will make it easier for you to clean the virus and restore your data.

3) It provides backup and disaster recovery

While website maintenance improves the security and protection of your site, it also provides an opportunity to keep your site backed up on a regular basis in case something does happen, and the site needs to be rebuilt. This includes backing up all files through either a manual backup or automatic backup. Not backing up your website leaves you vulnerable to malware attacks and in the worst-case scenario, losing your site all together. At minimum, you should backup your site on a monthly basis, although with a site that is more complex, it is recommended that a backup occur on a weekly basis.

4) It improves the visitor experience

Your website is an extension of your brand, and a poorly functioning website will reflect poorly on your business. Website maintenance will keep your site running smoothly, so that users will have a fast, responsive experience and keep coming back for more. Regularly maintaining your site through fixing broken links, improving page speed and load times, and updating missing pages allows your site to run at its optimal best. It also keeps your customers from getting frustrated and leaving your site because it’s too slow or there are broken links.

5) It keeps your software up to date

Most websites today are fairly easy to edit, however there is still complex software involved. As with any software, it should be kept up to date for security and performance reasons. With WordPress websites, this means regularly updating the basic software as well as any plugins and themes, generally at least once a month. Before you update any software, make sure you do a backup first so that if any issues occur, you can go back to the previous version of your site.

Why should you hire someone for your website maintenance?

Trying to handle your website maintenance yourself is a big task and one that often gets pushed aside. Hiring someone to take care of your website maintenance for you ensures your website is running smoothly. A maintenance team are the experts in their field and know what to look for so you can rest assured they can fix any issues that may pop up on your site.

Website maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your site secure, optimized and the best it can be for your potential customers. If you don’t have the time or the skill set required to keep your site up to date, then leave it to the professionals and hire a website maintenance team. That way you can go back to doing what you do best, and rest assured that your website is in safe hands. At Trilogy Solutions, we offer many business website support services, including website maintenance, website hosting, technical support, and content updates. If you’d prefer to spend more time on your business and less time updating your site, then contact us! We can help!

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