Our 6 Best Kept Secrets to a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign

The lights are up, Christmas music is on, and holiday shopping is in full swing, making it the perfect time to get your holiday marketing campaign up and running. And it’s not something you want to leave to the very last minute either.

The holiday season is one of the most important times in the year for a business. It’s the ideal

time to grow your business and, with a well-designed marketing strategy, it can really inject a significant boost in your sales.

Creating a holiday strategy can seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s no reason to stress. Stick to the basics, use tried and true methods and, remember to throw in some holiday cheer. We’ve got the best kept secrets to get your business ready for the holiday season, with our top 6 tips to help you build your holiday marketing campaign.

 1. Start planning early

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday marketing campaign. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is waiting until the last minute to get started. Planning and executing a successful campaign takes time, so it’s important to start before the holiday season gets into full swing.

Starting early also allows you to fine tune your messaging, create eye-catching graphics and make sure everything is ready to go when it’s time to launch your campaign. Ideally you should start planning 3 months in advance, but if you’ve started late, you can still create a campaign that will impress your customers and encourage sales.

2. Define your goals

Like with any marketing campaign, it’s important to know your priorities and set your goals accordingly. What are you hoping to achieve from your holiday marketing campaign? Knowing your focus allows you to set measurable goals that you can use as benchmarks for your campaign.

If this isn’t your first time running a holiday marketing campaign, then take a look at last year’s results and start from there. Look at the areas where you can improve, and set realistic goals based on your previous results. This will help make your campaign more customer focused and geared towards increased sales.

3. Determine your ideal audience

Before you can create a campaign for your customer, you need to know who that customer is and what drives them. Do a deep dive into your previous sales and social media activity. Who’s your audience, what kind of social media content do they engage with, and how often do they consume content?

Answering these simple questions will help you understand your ideal customer and allow you to tailor your marketing strategies to them and their needs. Marketing campaigns, (holiday campaigns included) tend to be shorter and more tailored to your specific audience, thus allowing you to create messages and offers that are more tempting rather than trying to appeal to a broader audience.

4. Decide on your holiday offer

The biggest question you want to answer in your holiday marketing campaign is this: what problem can I solve for my ideal customer? Your job is to figure out what that problem is and a potential solution to solve it. Maybe it’s a gift card incentive for those hard to shop for people on your list. Or a curated gift box for that special someone. Whatever it may be, you want to make sure you’re both wowing your customer and solving their problems at the same time.

You also want to make sure your offer will motivate your customer to buy. This could be done through researching competitors, looking at past purchases or even looking at your own experiences.

5. Be creative with your content

First and foremost, have FUN with your content! The holiday season is not a time to get serious, it’s a time to have fun and show your creative side. And with so many businesses doing the exact same thing you are, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Get creative and try to come up with different ways to grab the attention of your audience.

Once you’ve created your content, it’s important to choose where and how you will run it. Try to choose a variety of channels to reach as many people in your ideal audience as possible. This can include:

  • Social Media
  • Email newsletters
  • Blog
  • Ads
  • Website

Remember to keep things simple. The holidays can be a busy time of year so don’t add even more stress to your plate. Start small with your holiday campaign, especially if it’s your first holiday season. You can always build on your first campaign for years to come.

6. Create holiday specific landing pages

Once you’ve created your holiday marketing campaign, you want to have a place to send potential customers when they click on the link. And you want to make it’s as easy as possible for them to buy once they’re there. Where they land after clicking on a link can either make or break a sale, and during the holiday season you want to make sure they follow through.

Make your holiday sales page colorful and fun, with a holiday feel (think Santa graphic or presents). You should also have easy to spot call to action buttons like “buy now” or “shop”, and easy to spot deals so that potential customers know exactly what you’re offering.

Your holiday marketing campaign is also not the time to be a hands-off marketer. No matter what your business size, you should always be ready for potential problems and have a plan to fix any issues that may come up, including issues with your website, digital ads, social media or email marketing. Try to look at your campaign from all angles and each point of contact for your customer. Go through the customer journey and think about any issues that may arise along the way. Knowing what could happen and having a plan to fix it could go a long way to ensuring your holiday campaign is successful.

The holiday season can be the biggest money maker of the year for most businesses, even small business. With so many people turning to online shopping, the market is heavy with competition. In order for your brand to succeed during the holidays, you need to have a well-thought out and planned holiday marketing campaign to make sure you stand out from all the rest. Start planning early, create your content and keep your customers at the forefront of your mind throughout the entire process. Still feeling like it’s all a little too much? Don’t have enough time to plan a great marketing campaign? Then reach out to the team at Trilogy Solutions. We can help you get started or even take the campaign off your hands entirely. Either way, we’re here to help!

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