The Future of Web Hosting

Web hosting is constantly changing to keep up with the growing needs of businesses and the technology that we see out there today. A website that is easy to find and easy to navigate are two of the most important things to consider, but there are also a few shifts to the future of web hosting that companies will want to focus on moving forward.

1) Domains

When you are ready to start or grow your business online, one of the first steps is to secure your website domain. Often, the specific domain a company is looking for is already taken and this is when companies start to become creative with changing their original domain in order to stick with the typical “.com” extension. The shift we are seeing now is that most websites are found through a search (on Google, for example), so the extension itself is less important than it has been in the past.

This is where the shift comes in; we are now seeing companies start to use more unique extension types, “.cloud”, for example, in order to stick with their company name as their domain. The traditional use of domains is in the past. When looking into what option would be best for your company, reaching out to a Vancouver web design company, like Trilogy Solutions, is a great first step.

2) Outsourcing

Another shift we are seeing for 2022 is the use of outsourcing when it comes to social media accounts and website hosting. Running a business these days isn’t easy, and between the constant shifts in technology, it is rare that a business has time to manage it all. Budgeting to outsource this piece allows business owners to focus on their revenue and business management, while leaving website and social media updates up to the professionals, like us! Looking into website hosting vancouver or social media marketing vancouver is a great way to free up your time so you can focus on the business as a whole.

3) Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has always been something to consider, but recently this has become even more important. Cybersecurity can be one of the biggest threats to a business. In 2022 and moving forward, if you don’t already have someone specifically responsible for the upkeep of security measures when it comes to your online business, it is something to focus on in this upcoming year as this piece is far to great of a risk to ignore.

Web hosting isn’t going anywhere and with the ongoing changes in this industry, it is important to stay on top of the upcoming shifts. Company domains, outsourcing and cyber security are some of the key areas to consider moving forward. As always, if you don’t know where to start feel free to reach out to us at Trilogy Solutions, we are happy to help!