Level Up Your Content Strategy: The Top 10 Ways to Source New Content

Whether you’re a social media marketing newbie or a seasoned pro, there must have been a time or two where you’ve struggled to come up with new and fresh social media content. We all know it’s not always easy coming up with new content ideas or topics. Content is such an important part of social media marketing, and you need to have ideas that stand out from the crowd.

Before you start sourcing content, you need to ask yourself some questions about your brand and your audience. It’s also important to note that as a brand, you’re attempting to solve your customer/client’s problems and answer questions that your target audience has regarding your industry. In other words, you’re looking for the questions people may be asking, things they search for or things they wonder about. Asking yourself these questions first can help you come up with some great content ideas.

But, depending on your industry or niche, there could be a limited number of things you could post about, or maybe you’ve just hit a wall and have fallen victim to writer’s block. Either way, we’ve compiled the top 10 ways to source new content for you, so next time you’re struggling to come up with an idea, give one of these a try!

1. Social Media Followers

One great way to find new content is to look directly at social media. Look at the profiles of brands/companies you follow on your social media feeds and see what they’re posting about, and what brands they’re interacting with.

Take a look at your followers as well. Ultimately, they are your audience so take note of the content they engage with. See what kind of content ideas you can come up with by tracking what they share, reply to, like, save etc. You could even reach out to your followers directly and ask for replies. The replies can lead to great content ideas for your brand.

2. Blog comments

If you have a blog, take some time to review the comments that come up on your posts. The comments you receive can be a great source of inspiration and can give ideas about what to post on your social media feeds or even ideas for upcoming blogs! If people ask questions in the comments section, even better! Gear your content towards answering those questions, as you never know how many of your followers may have the same ones!

3. Facebook Groups

Reach out and join Facebook groups related to your industry. They can be a constant source of new topic ideas. Join several relevant to your business and begin to participate in the discussion within the groups. If you find a particular group isn’t proving to be a valuable source of content, leave it and try another. Spending just 10 minutes a day in group discussions can provide you with countless content ideas, especially if you find groups that have a lot of questions/answers.

4. Social Media Feeds

As we’ve said before, social media is a great place to find new content. Spend some time on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and you can easily come up with enough content ideas to fill a monthly calendar.

Twitter is an amazing tool to find great content ideas and talking points for your industry. Using Twitter search, you can easily search for topics related to your business that can turn into ideas for new posts.

Facebook fan pages are another great source of content. Look for pages related to your niche and look at what they are posting and sharing. You can also look at the pages of leaders in your industry to see what they are posting as well. Doing so can get the wheels turning and can provide a good starting point for your own ideas.

Pinterest is another gem for content ideas! You’ll find a little bit of everything on Pinterest, from photos and memes to how-tos and instructional posts. Use the search bar to look up topics related to your industry and see what people are pinning.

5. Buzzsumo

If you’ve never heard of Buzzsumo, then now is the time to check it out! Buzzsumo is a great tool to find out what content performs best in any industry. You can search the keywords or type of content related to your business and a list of the most shared blog posts, stories, and other content centered around those keywords will pop up. There is both a paid and free version of Buzzsumo, with the free version providing you with 10 searches a month.

6. Community sites

There are several community sites and forums on the web that can provide you with a number of content ideas.

Reddit is an amazing place to discover things you can re-share with your audience, and each industry has its own subreddit with industry specific topics and information. For content ideas, keep an eye on subreddits related to your industry.

Quora is another great place to find content inspiration. It’s a huge forum where people ask questions about anything and everything. Simply type in topics related to your industry and you will find questions that you can then turn into content.

7. Email newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to find the most trending topics in your industry. Sign up for email newsletters from the top brands related to your industry to get weekly or monthly content ideas sent right to your inbox!

8. Answer the public

Answer the public is another great place to find the top questions people are asking when they search for a given topic. Type in a keyword that relates to your industry, and you’ll get a list of questions people are typing into Google that relate to the keyword. You can then use these questions for caption inspiration, a new product idea or a blog post.

9. Google Alerts

Schedule Google alerts for specific topics (or keyword phrases). These alerts will deliver a list of content based on the topic that you selected via email. It’s a great way to have Google working for you (instead of the other way around). You’ll get top circulating content delivered directly to your inbox.

10. Ask your audience

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your followers. After all, they’re following you for a reason. Hop on to Instagram stories and use features like Polls and Questions to quiz your audience. Ask questions like, “what are your biggest struggles with…?”, “what do you hate most about…?”, “what frustrates you about…?”. You can then use their answers to guide your content.

There you have it! You’ll never be without great content ideas using any of the ways we discussed above. And when you have a constant source of content ideas, you’ll always have things to post on your social media feeds to keep your audience coming back for more!

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